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Death in police custody: What happened to Darren?

RIP: Darren Cumberbatch

THE CUMBERBATCH Family of Bells Green Coventry are today asking a simple question: 'What happened to Darren Cumberbatch?'.

Cumberbatch left his sister Carla on Sunday July 9, 2017 to return to the hostel McIntyre House in Nuneaton where he was staying.

On Wednesday July 12, Carla received a call from the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton advising her that her brother was an inpatient and upon her rushing to the hospital she discovered that her brother had several severe injuries, which he explained to her was a direct result of police contact in the early hours on July 10 at the hostel in Nuneaton; where it was also claimed that he was tasered some nine times by Police.

Sadly his injuries were so severe he was placed on life support and he passed away on Wednesday July 19, 2017.

The family and friends of Cumberbatch, including the local community are now demanding answers regarding what happened to him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have now commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the police contact with the late Cumberbatch.

Grieving family and friends have set-up the #Justice4Daz campaign which is seeking answers as to the cause of the young man's death.

His sister Carla says:

"I want the truth, I want to know what happened to my brother as one moment he’s fit and well and the next he badly beaten-up in hospital and also suffering from being Tasered and now dead. I want answers and the truth.”

Spokesman for the family and one of the campaign leads Reverend Desmond Jaddoo says:

”Yet again a man has lost his life following police contact. Clearly, there is an issue here of the use of not only force but also Taser and the number of times it was used.

"We are seeking an open, transparent, timely and well-resourced investigation by the IPCC.

"My heartfelt condolences go out to the Cumberbatch family and it is with extreme sadness that this is not the first message of this type which I have sent and may not be the last.

"I do also urge the Home Secretary to release the report on the findings on the Deaths in Custody Inquiry that recently concluded, as this must not continue to happen. Furthermore, I must formally request that the Chief Constable suspend the officers involved as clearly there is a serious cloud hanging over their action and indeed Warwickshire police.

"Also the use of Taser yet again is called into question and should there be bodycam footage available then this should be released urgently for the purposes of transparency and accountability.”

The #Justice4Daz Campaign is seeking answers and questioning the use of excessive force in this matter which reportedly involved the use of CS spray, batons, Taser and restraint amongst other elements.

Tomorrow (July 29) the campaign's supporters and family will be protesting and marching in Nuneaton, highlighting #Justice4Daz.

Details of the march:

1pm: Gather at Nuneaton train station

1.30pm: March moves off to McIntyre House, Edward Street, Nuneaton where prayers will be said and floral tributes can be left

2pm: March moves to wards Nuneaton Police Station

2.30pm: Rally outside Nuneaton Police Station and presentation of the campaign's Letter of Demand to the police

3pm: The Protest ends.

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