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A diva in demand


OUT WITH the old and new with the new - the main mantra of January, a time when many people deiced to change aspects about their lives, be it personal or professional.

One of the easiest ways of maintaining the new outlook on life is surrounding yourself with like minded people, who share the same mindset as yourself. But it may not be easy to meet peers who want to achieve the same goals in the coming months and that is where Diva’s On Demand come’s in.

This networking society convenes once a month to discuss topics that help with progression and empowerment for all members. According to the society’s founder Lexy Boahene, bringing like minded people together enables each participant to become the best possible person that they can be, by sharing experiences and listening to guest speakers.

Covering topics such as health, education, politics, business, charity work and fashion the 24-year-old hopes Diva’s on Demand will offer the support that she lacked when growing up.

What can Diva’s On Demand offer anyone who is interested in joining the networking society?

It’s about being around like minded people; it’s about putting yourself in the right position and being in the right place at the right time. We hope to inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams that they may have never seen through. Come and join the group and make the change in your life and take the next step toward moving forward.

Tell us about some of the subjects explored by Diva’s On Demand?

In our next installment we will be talking about relationships and spirituality. Not just romantic relationships but relationships in general, the whole point is to talk about issues that relate to everyone. Our guest speakers will be executive coach and founder of Reflexion Associates Jenny Garrett and life coach Claudia Liver.

What inspired you to create the company?

I did some charity work in Ghana where I was teaching young teenage mothers and I noticed they enjoyed having a mentor to talk to.

They were able to discuss issues amongst themselves which was productive because they learnt so much from each other and became united. When I came back to England, I wanted to set up an organisation where women, young or old, professional or teenage mothers could and help each other the way they did in Ghana.

In a year’s time where do you hope to see Diva’s On Demand?

In a year’s time I will be branching into creating the Diva’s on Demand reality show, where people can view women from many different perspectives, and see their struggles in life and how they maintain their dignity in difficult situations. I hope to secure the funding soon and launch it on the net.

If you choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Hardworking, ambitious and Ghanaian. Getting to this point in my career has not been easy, I’ve had people tell me the company will fail so why bother. But I’ve always been progressive and always wanted to do this.

You mentioned Ghanaian as one of your personal adjectives, how important is Ghana to you?

Ghana was always somewhere I wanted to go and give to the community, so going back home- I call I home- was great! It was also traumatic and emotional the first time I visited but I go back home all the time now. I have my mum to thank for that.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I think it would probably be Oprah, she has always been ambitious, she has come from nothing and has never forgotten where she came from.

She inspires me because I can see where she has come from, the experiences she has been through and I admire where she is now and what she has achieved. But she’s Oprah; do I need to say more?

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