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Does natural beauty really matter?

FIFTY AND FABULOUS: Hollywood A-lister Halle Berry

'BLACK DON'T crack', even at 50. Think 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Cynthia Bailey, supermodel Halle Berry, the gorgeous Naomi Campbell and the ever-inspiring Michelle Obama, to name a few.

Looking hot at 50 (or thereabouts) has become ‘the thing’ – you know, the thing that women want in their lives. You can forget diamonds and fancy cars. But how are today’s women looking so great at 50? Are they managing this naturally, or from having some kind of cosmetic surgery? What does ‘naturally’ even mean these days? And – come to think of it – who actually cares?

Using any form of beauty cream and make-up from our beloved MAC, L’Oréal, or any of the co- pious make-up ranges out on the high street or online today, surely is not natural.

Let’s extend this to any of the treatments we hit our salons for, including shellac nails and eyelash and brow extensions – yes, that’s right, even eyebrow extensions! Women at 50 are also proudly sporting weave, wigs, relaxed hair and extensions – is this really what we’re calling out as natural beauty today?

If anyone in the ‘fab at 50’ club – like Angela Bassett, Viola Davis and Robin Givens – had cosmetic surgery, would they still be regarded so highly? Well, I say hell yes. And why? Because whether it’s from a high street treatment, going under the knife having a Botox needle stuck in your face, this still requires hard work and financial commitment. For some women, clearly, the pain is a minor sacrifice compared to the end results.

If you are blessed enough to reach the age 50 and still take great care in looking good without any help, then I take my hat off to you. Some women face the decade-long battle with the ‘m word’ (menopause), which most women have to laugh about in the end or they will cry. And don’t get me started on the loss of bladder control (thank goodness for TENA Lady). They are just two of the challenging experiences of reaching this fabulous age.

The bottom line is that women at 50 are handling all of that and much more on a daily basis and still look impressive. They really do have some proper skills to be honoured and celebrated. But the true beauty of being a member of this elite club is that women have finally grown into their skin and are confident with their individual sense of beauty and style.

Women at 50 are sassy and audacious – no apology needed or given. If you are lucky enough to reach the age of 50 and look and feel fabulous, then remember to embrace your journey, whether it be natural or cosmetically enhanced. And most importantly, enjoy it, and continue to stay true to yourself.

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