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Donations for Jamaican actress following heart attack

UNWELL: Rosie Murray

DURING THE celebration of a long-time friend's birthday on 29 December 2017, well-known Jamaican actress Rosie Murray suffered a major heart attack.

A GoFundMe statement, posted by Murray's son Phillip Lopez, outlines the family's effort to raise US$20,000 ($1.4 million JMD) to finance an angioplasty. Of the amount requested, the campaign is approaching a close with a total of USD$19,040 being raised.

Those unable to contribute to GoFundMe are being encouraged to make donations to Murray's savings account number, 407350, at Scotiabank, Christiana branch.

"Our life hasn't been the same as of that night as we fought to keep her alive and are now doing every means possible to help her recovery, to get back to a regular functioning life.

"We have seen the small area in the heart that needs to be resuscitated in order for the heart to return to regular functionality."

Two years ago, Murray opted out of continuing her career in media to instead work for herself, by kick-starting a baking business. However, her health condition went unnoticed.

"It was definitely a surprise. She had a few signs of some pains when we were working crazy hours during Christmas, doing lots of cake orders and plays and promos all at once. But after Christmas, she seemed fine, like it was all stress-related. She was actually at her friend's birthday party when she suffered the heart attack," Lopez told The Gleaner.


There is no current deadline set to raise the funds for surgery, but in the meantime, "she's doing cardio therapy to strengthen herself and see if she can pull it off. She's getting stronger in general, but has good and bad days. She's doing what she can for maintenance, and hopefully strengthening until we can ascertain when funds for the operation is possible," he disclosed.

Murray has previously been active on the theatre scene, appearing in local and international runs in plays such as Saving Grace, and an Actor Boy-nominated performance in, Tek Yuh Hand Offa Me.

In addition to growing a baking business, the former media professional penned and produced her first theatrical production called, A Slice of Life. This incident has put a halt on the major plans Murray had for the production, as it was set to make its first international run as soon as March 2018.

This article was adapted from one that appears on the website of our sister newspaper, The Gleaner.

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