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Don't touch my hair: Hair Nah is the game you need to play


FOR MOST black girls, they've experienced hands - usually white hands - touching and feeling their hair, 'oohing' and 'aahing' at the texture of it, without once asking if it's ok to do so.

This has been an issue for many black girls for a long time - and now the perfect game has come along that really shows their experience.

Launched last week, a game called 'Hair Nah' invites players to help a character named Aeva fend off a swarm of unwanted hair touching.

When you start the game, you choose Aeva's skin tone and a hairstyle, which can range from dreadlocks to bantu knots. Then, as the white hands appear, you start swatting, and keep swatting, until you fill up the "Nah!" meter.

The creator of the game - @MomoUhOh on Twitter - said 'Hair Nah' was created to raise awareness about an issue many black women have experienced.

“It’s literally happened to every black girl I’ve met. Even while making this game, it happened to me multiple times,” she said in a statement.

“Working on this game was such a breath of fresh air because it’s like, finally! I get to tell you, ‘No, stop touching me. Respect my space,’ before it happens—and in the most fun, chill, hilarious way.”

You can play 'Hair Nah' here:

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