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Dwight Yorke criticises lack of black bosses in football


FORMER MANCHESTER United striker Dwight Yorke has criticised the lack of black bosses in football and claims he cannot get an interview for a manager's job.

Yorke, 45, has completed all of his coaching badges, but believes that racism is evident and claims he knows of black former players who would not do coaching badges as they felt they had little chance of getting a coaching role.

“My colleague Andy Cole, he said ‘I’m not going to do my coaching badges.’ There’s a guy who’s probably the second or third ranked in history of Premier League goals, who has won all the competitions in the world that doesn’t want to be part of coaching, doesn’t want to do his coaching badges because he genuinely believes he won’t be given a chance.

"If it's not because of the colour of our skin then tell me what it is?" the former player said. "I'm speaking out about it. Be fair. At least give us an interview."

SPEAKING OUT: Dwight Yorke

“You just have to look at the Premier League — there is no black managers. Look at the La Liga league, there is no black managers, in Germany there is no black managers. Italy, there is no black managers, we go to China and there is none."

Speaking to BBC World Service's World Football show, Yorke suggested that black players might have to consider going on strike to force those involved in the game to take a serious look at the lack of black managers.

During his career, Yorke won three Premier League titles while at United and played a part in their historic treble-winning season of 1998/99.

The former Trinidad and Tobago captain also spent nine years at Aston Villa before he moved to Old Trafford in 1998, and then featured for Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City and Sydney FC following his departure.

Yorke’s career ended at Sunderland, where he retired in 2009.

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