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Everton head to east Africa

TOFFEE: Blues defender Williams

EVERTON’S MAIN partnership with gaming giant SportPesa will allow the Blues to help develop the standard of football in the East Africa region, says Club CEO Robert Elstone.

According to the club’s official website, a Blues delegation was in Tanzania recently to meet with representatives from SportPesa and sports officials ahead of the club’s pre-season game in Dar-es-Salaam, the country's largest city, on July 13.

“A big part of it from their perspective is us helping grow football, develop good young footballers, grow football clubs and build sustainable businesses here in Tanzania, over in Kenya and in East Africa, generally," said Elstone.

"We’ll be sharing a lot of expertise on aspects that Everton is very good at, such as Everton in the Community and young player development, and it will be a real pleasure exporting that know-how to this part of the world.

“We have the privilege of travelling far and wide and, as everybody knows, the Premier League is much-watched, much-loved and much-respected all over the globe.

“You can turn up pretty much anywhere associated with the Premier League and you get a warm welcome and there’s a lot of excitement.

“We’re delighted to do that in Tanzania on behalf of Everton, a club that has been famous for being pioneering, doing firsts and making bold decisions."

Everton finished seventh in the Premier League and include star names such as striker Romelu Lukaku, midfielder Ross Barkley and defender Ashley Williams.

Elstone added: "The SportPesa team They are incredibly passionate about football and their business, but they’re also very passionate about East Africa and community, so I think it’s a really positive combination.

“They are very committed to building a base of good young footballers and growing football in East Africa through community initiatives, so it fits extremely well with what Everton’s all about.

“All the ingredients are there for a very beneficial long-term partnership on both sides.”

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