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Exclusive: Da Brat collaborates with London MC

SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD: From left - Mel's Love and Da Brat

LONDON-BASED multi-award winning studio owner and renowned mixing engineer Ms. Melody has been a permanent fixture on the capital's music scene since the 1990s and is now enjoying a successful return to her first love - rap.

A recent collaboration with platinum-certified, double Grammy Award-nominee Da Brat, who dominated the genre during the 1990s and early 2000s before a stint in prison and appearing on reality TV has given way to an exciting concept video shoot; in which young actresses play reimagined child versions of the two. The parody shoot, which shows a clean version of the track It's Over by Mel's Love featuring Da Brat (available now on iTunes) being mimed by the two young ladies, will benefit two charities - a third of the songs proceeds will be ringfenced for donations.

Watch Mel's Love and Da Brat in It's Over, below:

The charities in question are The Movement Factory, a community dance school founded by Leanne Pero (choreographer and author) and Girls I Rate, founded by Beyoncé songwriter Carla Marie Williams, which helps young women get into the music industry.

LIGHTS, CAMERA: From left - choreographer Zarah X, the child actress playing a young Mel's Love and wardrobe stylist Gavin McKay

Showing the boys who's boss as founder of Instant Melodies was a full time job for Mel's Love (then known affectionately as Ms. Melody to those who travelled from far and wide to use her south London studios, home to some of the most successful UK producers) before her return to MC-ing, which she did at many venues before starting the business.

An extended trip to Dubai and other sunny climes helped Mel's Love reconnect with what she wanted for her future as well as form new relationships that have propelled her momentous new projects.

YOUNG EMPIRE: From left - miniature Mel's Love and Da Brat

With over 15 years of experience as a music producer and over 100,000 recordings under her belt she feels that now is the right time to get back in the booth herself.

BRUSHING UP: A reimagined young Da Brat

Speaking about why she chose to create the parody children's video, It's Over (remix), which was produced by DJ Pioneer & TJ, Mel's Love said:

"This is a music video that inspires youngers to believe they can follow in the footsteps of their icons. To challenge stereotypes, promote the acceptance of others and to provide a steer towards the direction of producing more positive visual imagery for the young black community."

Release dates:

The original It's Over single by Mel's Love feat. Da Brat is available now on iTunes.

The kids' video for It's Over (remix) from Lil Mel's Love featuring Lil Brat will be out on 1 June.

The It's Over (remix) single will be out on 4 July.

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