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Film festival celebrating Spike Lee reaches halfway stage

CLASSIC: 'Do The Right Thing'

HOT ON the heels of hosting the one and only Spike Lee earlier last month, events company We Are Parable return with a double screening of two of the director’s most loved films

As part of their groundbreaking Spike is 60 film festival, co-founders Anthony and Teanne Andrews will be screening a double bill of the 1989 classic Do The Right Thing and the semi-autobiographical Crooklyn, written by Joie Lee, Spike’s sister. This event will take place at Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, south west London, on Saturday August 12 at 1pm.

In addition, We Are Parable have teamed-up with The Black Cultural Archives to create a block party experience in the outside terraces, to celebrate the midpoint in the Spike is 60 film festival.

Over the last six months, screenings have taken place for Mo Better Blues, Bamboozled, Malcolm X, She’s Gotta Have It and, just over a month ago, the We Are Parable team welcomed Spike Lee himself for a special one-off, 'an audience with' event.

“In our opinion, Do The Right Thing is quite rightly Lee’s most popular work, but it represents more than that to a lot of people,” We Are Parable co-founder Anthony Andrews said.

“It’s a film that somehow completely is of its time, but had a crystal ball on police brutality, gentrification, global warming and racial tension in communities. It’s even taught in colleges.”

Crooklyn remains a fan favourite and the reasons why We Are Parable decided to group the two films together is clear.

Crooklyn is another chapter in what Lee has referred to as "The Brooklyn Chronicles",” says co-founder Teanne Andrews.

“These are a handful of films that he’s made that make Brooklyn the supporting character in all of his stories.”

With the Spike is 60 film festival, We Are Parable believe that audiences are rediscovering Lee’s work and the depth they carry, even decades later.

“We grew up on Do The Right Thing, so it’s a huge honour to screen it for the second time [We Are Parable screened a 25th anniversary event with The NuBlk back in 2014],” says Anthony.

“Having had the incredible opportunity to speak with Spike one-to-one recently, hearing him say that people are still finding out about this story and seeing comparisons with today, is a key reason as to why we had to show it as part of the festival.”

As the festival enters its second half, We Are Parable look forward to screening these seminal films, allowing audiences to discover, rediscover and appreciate a true master at work.

Do The Right Thing/Crooklyn event information:

Saturday August 12, 2017
Double Screening and Block Party
Ritzy Cinema
Brixton Oval,
Coldharbour Lane,

Block party event information:

Saturday August 12, 2017
5.30pm – 9.30pm
1 Windrush Square,

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