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Final chance to see The Guards at the Taj

THRILLING: Darren Kuppan and Danny Ashok perform in Guards at the Taj at the Bush Theatre (Photos: Marc Brenner)

GUARDS AT the Taj, by Pulitzer Prize finalist Rajiv Joseph, and directed by Jamie Lloyd, enters its final two weeks at the Bush Theatre.

The dark comic play opened the newly revitalised Bush Theatre, following its major £4.3 million capital project and looks at the legendary Taj Mahal, prompting the audience to explore questions about art, privilege and duty.

“If we hadn’t done our jobs tonight, we’d be hanging by our necks in the royal courtyard getting our eyes pecked out by the royal crows. So excuse me if I don’t wallow in some mis- begotten guilt all night. Was it f****d up? Yes, it was. But I don’t have to feel terrible about it.”

It’s 1648. Agra, India. Imperial guards Humayun and Babur keep watch as the final touches are put to the mighty Taj Mahal behind them.

The emperor has decreed that no one, except the masons, labourers and slaves who exist within those walls, shall turn to look at the building until it is complete.

Now, as the building nears completion and the first light catches on the pure white domes behind them, the temptation to steal a glance at the most beautiful monument the world has ever seen grows stronger. But beauty has a price, and Humayun and Babur are about to learn its true cost.

The last performance will be held on May 20.

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