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Five of our favourite city breaks for autumn

PICTURED: St. Stephens Church, Austria (Photo credit: Lonely Planet

CRAVING an autumn city break? Here are some of the very best. Depending on where you go, it’s the perfect time to explore a new city without excessive heat or blistering cold. If you are looking for a quick weekend trip in the loveliest time of the year, look no further.


Steeped in history, the Hungarian capital is a must if you love renaissance and nouveau architecture, mysterious side streets and cultural activities aplenty. Visit the amazing Parliament Building and enjoy an evening at the State Opera House. Book a holiday to Budapest!

St. Petersburg

The greatest of Russian cities has to be seen to be believed. From its wonderful canals to its baroque and Soviet architecture, St Petersburg is a must. If you’re a fan of Russian literature, then this is also the place to come – masters such as Nikolai Gogol and Fyodor Dostoyevsky were deeply inspired by this unique city.


September to October is generally regarded as the best time to visit Washington State’s largest city. It might be a little cooler, yes, but it’s also a little cheaper and a lot less busy. Seattle, home to grunge music, is a curious mix of the old the new.

Surrounded by mountains, water and greenery, it is also home to technology giants including Microsoft and Amazon. It’s also very hilly, so be prepared for some climbing.


If you find yourself wandering around Dubrovnik with a feeling of deja vu, then it’s likely you’re a Game of Thrones fan. The city was the main shooting location for King’s Landing in HBO’s phenomenally popular fantasy show.

But there is a lot more to see here. Marvel at the Adriatic Sea, drink in the city’s old town bars and pay a visit to one of its many museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Homeland War Museum.


There’s the architecture, yes – Hofburg Palace, Vienna State Opera House and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are just a few of Vienna’s gems. But, as it’s autumn, there’s also the wonderful Christmas markets.

Generally opening from early November and running right through the festive period, Vienna really knows how to throw a good market. There are always several running at the same time, so pitch up for some traditional food, drink and trinkets.

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