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A flawless fusion

ALL SMILES: Marlon and Jasmine

YOU DON'T always need to be the victor to be the ultimate winner. Everyone that has made it big has experienced bumps on the route to the top.

Richard Branson didn’t do well in his formal education; Alicia Keys and 50 Cent were dropped numerous times by their record labels before making it; and Destiny’s Child lost a talent competition before hitting the big time.

But the moral of the story is: those who persevere and don’t become discouraged can still make it.

One example of this is the British dance group Flawless. The talented troupe didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent but they’re now doing better than ever. Just recently, they performed as part the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, and last weekend they kicked off their UK tour with the English National Ballet at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

The show provided a beautiful evening of dance, which included ballet and street dance. The wonderful thing about this was, as well as performing separate ballet and hip-hop dance sets, both groups performed together, demonstrating each others skills. It was an amazing fusion of two different styles, which was fantastic to witness.

SKILLS: Flawless

I grew up dancing at ballet school and later taught ballet for a long time, whilst simultaneously being involved in numerous street dance groups. I was once a break dancer – honestly, my street dancer name at the time was Minnie Minx, inspired by Beano comics!

I also taught jazz at Pineapple Dance Studios and danced in hip-hop videos – doing real dance routines as opposed to sexy bikini dancing. So for me, this show was a dream come true; the type of show that I would’ve loved to have taken part in myself as a young dancer.

It was fascinating to see that the all-male Flawless dancers had trained up in ballet styles, where they also actually lifted the all-female English National Ballet dancers in paired routines. It was mind-blowing and looked so creative and new.

The ballet ladies took on some street dance challenges too and whilst they were good, the boys most definitely beat them in the ‘let’s try each others techniques’ battle!

Post-show, lead Flawless member Marlon told me that the show was put together in only two weeks of training, after six weeks of planning and discussion. He added that whilst this was an unforgettable experience for his group, they did already have an appreciation and respect for ballet before this show.

A special shout out must go to the graphics team who really took the visuals to another level – a real arts fusion of dance, staging and visuals. For dates near you and for details of the boys’ UK tour, which kicks off next month, visit



BRIT FLICK: Jas and Damian Jones

NEXT, I hopped along to the UK premiere of Fast Girls, developed by Damian Jones and Noel Clarke.

It was so refreshing to see a British film set in an urban London that had nothing to do with street issues or hip-hop. Instead, Fast Girls is topical in that it has an athletic theme, which is obviously very apt with the Olympics fast approaching.

My mate Noel described the film as “Rocky, but with girls in lycra!” And Damian – who worked with Noel on the films Kidulthood and Adulthood – revealed that he was keen to get him to pen the script for Fast Girls.

He added that every time the pair go out for dinner, Noel is always on a healthy eating diet of salmon and vegetables (because he’s bulking up for film parts), whilst he likes to tuck into a good old plate of fish and chips!

If you know any young people that could do with a bit of inspiration, direct them to watch Fast Girls, which hits UK cinemas this week!

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