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Former journalist in Bristol mayor bid

HOPEFUL: Marvin Rees

On November 15, the people of Bristol will elect their first ever mayor and one of the candidates is Labour Party member Marvin Rees, who is also a committed Christian.

He is a former BBC journalist, has worked for world development charity Tearfund as a youth supervisor and has written for The Voice.

Mr Rees has shared his aims for Bristol, which includes making it a first class city, building 4,000 affordable homes and attracting new businesses. He’s also stated that he will freeze council tax for a year if elected, and would consider freezing them for his entire four years in office.

He told his local newspaper: "My plan for Bristol doesn't include big spending commitments and I will prioritise the expenditure to support my promises to Bristol – securing Bristol's future on the world stage, tackling poverty and inequality and getting more people engaged in shaping our city.”

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