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'Gentrified' documentary: ethnic cleansing, American-style 

GENTRIFICATION CITY: Watch the upcoming documentary and attend the event to voice your concerns

GENTRIFIED GIVES viewers an in-depth look at gentrification taking place in the modern USA, focusing on social engineering and how it’s affecting deprived communities across the nation.  

The documentary makers say:

"What if the richest people on Earth had a plan to remove the poorest people? What if that plan was specifically targeting black people?

"We travel coast to coast to give an in depth examination of how what some people call 'redevelopment' has actually become what many consider to be ethnic cleansing, American-style." 

Watch the trailer below:

21st century gentrification is here, on a global scale. Cities such as San Francisco and New York in America and Australia's Melbourne all have their stories to share. Here in London, and across the UK, for over a decade we have been subjected to blocks being demolished, and residents displaced, away from their communities and out of their cities; in the name of unaffordable luxury apartments.  

The Heygate Estate in south London is now known as Elephant Park, the £3billion regeneration project in Elephant and Castle, where 1200 homes were deemed ‘not viable’ and demolished.

The residents were lied to about replacement housing sites being built. They instead were questionably moved en masse out of their neighbourhoods, boroughs and out of London.

What happened at Heygate (these residents are not alone in their experience) was shocking and a prime example of how regeneration in London could be perceived, from one angle, as targeted social cleansing. It’s impossible to ignore, and we deserve answers. Who is the target? And why? 

In a series of uncompromisingly direct and honest interviews, spanning across the United States, Gentrified seeks to answer these questions, by exploring the process of gentrification and how the moneyed are moving the masses on. 

Join Black Sterling and guest speakers who will be discussing the subject further on Saturday February 25 at 208 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2JU.

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