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Getting to know the RAF

DIVERSITY: The Royal Air Force (RAF)

The Royal Air Force is a diverse employer who offer an exciting range of career opportunities. There is a growing Bame network within the RAF and with that in mind we outline below a Q & A interview from one of their standout Bame ambassadors Corporal Shenten Enoe.

Full Name: Corporal Shenten Enoe

What do you like to be called? Shents

Age: 30

Q: Where is your Home town?

A. I am originally from Grenada but now live in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

Q. Where did you go to School?

A. I attended the Saint Andrews Anglican Secondary School in Grenada.

Q. Did you manage to fit in any College or University?

A. Yes, I attended the Central Arizona College in America

Q. Subjects taken at A level and any University first degree:

• Business management
• Social Studies
• Agricultural Science
• Maths and English
• Electrical Engineering First Degree.

Q. Where are you based now?

A. I am currently based at RAF Halton

Q. Career in to date. Brief explanation of content of most current post in layman’s terms

A. I started my Career at RAF Honington. Then I was posted to the Queens Colour Squadron in the summer of 2008 at RAF Northolt I have spent the majority of my Career at Northolt. I was them Promoted to the Rank of Cpl and I was then moved to the Initial Force Protection Training Squadron, April 2014.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your career?

A. I enjoy my current job, which is delivering training to Phase one recruits passing on my experience of what I have learnt over the years to new members of the RAF.

Q. How do you hope your career will progress – e.g. what would you see yourself doing in five and ten years’ time?

A. I hope to reach the highest Rank as a Non Commissioned officer, which is WO. I also have a passion for good leadership, so I am also considering taking my Commission.

Q. What were the main influences in making you choose a career in the RAF?

A. What influenced me in choosing a career in the RAF was, the opportunity
to educate myself and to continue my passion for sport.

Q. Can you understand why such a small proportion of Ethnic minorities consider careers in the RAF?

A. I can definitely understand why there is such a small proportion of Ethnic to consider careers in the RAF. They need to know what’s available to them, how would they benefit in joining a predominantly.

Q. What advice would you give to others when considering a career within the RAF

A. My advice is have an open mind and take all the opportunities that will be
available to you.

Q. What message would you like to get through to Ethnic Minority Groups in regards to your experiences?

A. My message is this, there is a opportunity to change your life, develop new life skills, educate yourself and use the opportunity to shine.

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