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Green for go!

HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: Chat show host Oprah Winfrey

THE ORGANIC industry has been growing at a rapid rate and has become ever more popular over the past years, and for many, just a normal way of life.

It seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, be it skincare and cosmetics or food, organic products are vogue.

The word “organic” refers to the way fruit, veg, dairy and meat products are processed.

Organic farming processes use natural fertilizers instead of conventional methods and free range meat that hasn’t been pumped with hormones.

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in sales. In 2013 the UK market was worth £1.79 billion – up from £1.74 billion in 2012 - according to the Organic Market Report from the Soil Association - the trade body that licenses organic products.

The UK has one of the largest markets for natural and organic personal care products in Europe, blowing its synthetic cosmetic competitors out of the water.

Consumers are turning more and more to natural and organic care products because of concerns about synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries.

With various different skin care brands popping up it is clear to see how the market has exploded.

Many of those sales will be driven by product innovation, especially in the field of herbal extracts, antioxidants and exfoliants. 

With information so readily available on the internet consumers are arming themselves with the facts and staying away from conventional skincare products which can be packed full of parabans, cheap fillers, animal by-products and harsh chemicals.

There is a growing number of skincare brands who share the same philosophy in spreading the natural skincare message.

One of these is Neal’s Yard who have a wide range of organic products for face and body including a range for mother and baby.


Their Baby Balm protects and calms the skin with a combination of gentle, moisturising ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter.

Daisy Anai is a natural skincare brand that specialises in organic oils for face and body and cater to a number of specific skin conditions. Their Rosehip oil works wonders on scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

Green People are another organic skincare brand. They promise to never use aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals. Their Green People Organic Rosemary Deodorant is free from parabans or synthetic chemicals.

Four out of five households now buy organic produce, with younger shoppers (under 34) willing to spend the most on organic products.

For many years, organic produce was only found in health food stores but now is a regular feature in most supermarkets.

Raw diets have also become very popular. Cooking food destroys much of the natural enzymes in your food that are needed to break down nutrients. Going raw eliminates this problem. Eating raw is said to give you an amazing boost in energy.

Social media has also played a big part in spreading the benefits of going green. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with healthy meal options and immune boosting supplements.

NATURAL SKINCARE: The Daisy Anai range

Going organic has also become a trend amongst celebrities too, with he likes of Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce and Jay Z opting for healthier lifestyles. 

Winfrey has taken it one step further, she plans to transform some of her property into farmland to produce her own organic fruit and veg.

The internet is a great platform to share recipes and a place to discuss a variety of health issues, many said to be brought on by the foods that we eat.

Green juices have become highly popular with some health professionals recommending one per day claiming they have a number of health benefits including reducing inflammation, the cause of a number of autoimmune diseases.

In order to extract these fluids and nutrients, it is essential to juice them, this process breaks up the cell walls and separates the solids freeing up these valuable nutrients.

Fresh juices are rapidly digested by the body, in a matter of minutes. Minimal effort is required by the digestive system. Once consumed these vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes enter the body.

Organic products are definitely the future. There has never been a better time to set up your own organic business or benefit from the products themselves. 


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