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Grenfell: One minute's silence at 11am backed by Dawn Butler

VOCAL: MP Dawn Butler

FOLLOWING A suggestion made by a Twitter user, north west London MP Dawn Butler will be taking part in an impromptu period of one minute's silence at 11am GMT in remembrance of those killed in the Grenfell Tower fire.

Since the 24-storey building itself and many of its inhabitants battled a blazing inferno four days ago, there has been a resounding outcry from the public, many MPs and social justice collectives at the seemingly inadequate response from Prime Minister Theresa May.

Just as she had been during her widely-criticised election campaign, May was branded 'robotic' again this month by Londoners who were disappointed that she did not spend any time with local people during a visit to Grenfell Tower for a briefing with the fire service. At first, the response from spin doctors, lead by newly-appointed advisor Gavin Barwell, was that May required extra security detail in order to meet and talk to residents safely, whilst Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan had managed to get up-close and personal with west Londoners who displayed a variety of moods.

Yesterday, May belatedly admitted that support on the ground for families after the Grenfell Tower fire “was not good enough”.

Dawn Butler MP, along with David Lammy MP, activist Lee Jasper and Peter Herbert of the Society of Black Lawyers to name a few have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with the Conservative's response to the crisis. Butler herself responded to a Tweet which suggested the UK hold one minute of silence later on today (Sunday June 18) at 11am GMT:

Butler will be conducting the minute of silence in Gibbons Park, NW10, at 11am GMT where she will be joined in person by the Speaker's Chaplain Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin.

Speaking exclusively with The Voice about the one-minute silence, Butler explained:

"This is an organic community response to the fact that there has been no national recognition to this national tragedy.

"Theresa May has in her own words let the people of Grenfell down. Not just this week. But since 2013.

"I'm stunned that Theresa May did not deem this tragedy tragic enough to hold a COBRA meeting to ensure that the top people from all departments and services were involved from day one."

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