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Grenfell: We tracked down Peaky after his BBC interview

TRUTH SEEKER: Peaky Saku, right, speaks with the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire (image credit: R U INTERESTED/YouTube)

YESTERDAY 'THE Voice' spoke with Peaky Sako to find out more about his views after he gained attention for his frank and challenging views about who is responsible for the Grenfell Tower atrocity, expressed live on TV to BBC reporter Victoria Derbyshire.

Sako seemed to capture the mood of a nation. The 22 year-old told reporter Victoria Derbyshire that he 'wasn't fu***ng with the Government right now' and was promptly steered away from expanding on his comments which many would see as anti-establishment.

Sako was present, along with hundreds of angry, exasperated and emotionally-drained people, for yesterday's protest at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall to express London's collective outrage at the unanswered questions surrounding the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

46-year-old Lydia Charles, who lives close to Grenfell Tower, was there with her daughter. She told The Voice:

"My cousin, his friend managed to catch the baby who was thrown from the tower...

"People in the local area have been complaining for years and years and years about the safety of high-rise buildings and the Council don't care, they just wanna stack people two-by-two like they're animals.

"It's like a fur coat and no knickers! They didn't really care what was going on inside. There have been a lot of complaints to the TMO [Tenant Management Organisation] about the kitchens...the electrics are funny, they're faulty.

"They didn't listen to the people, they just wanted our area to look fancy to attract people into Kensington and Chelsea, all the cool people..."

TheVoice caught-up with Sako at the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall protests to hear more about his ideas on who should be held accountable for the fire:

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