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Gun-wielding carjacker stopped by OAP

SCENE OF THE CRIME: Police search for evidence at the carjacking in Hull (photo credit: Peter Harbour)

24-YEAR-OLD Leon Ndenu has pleaded guilty to 19 offences, including four counts of possession of a firearm or an imitation firearm, battery and actual bodily harm after an attempted carjacking went wrong.

Ndenu’s plan to steal a vehicle from 66-year-old Margaret Poole in Hull was scuppered when she “jumped into the back of the car and tried to stop him from driving away”, according to Humberside Police. Before her intervention, Mrs Poole had been thrown to the floor by Ndenu, who had also forced her husband David Poole to get out of the car.

Detective Inspector Rebecca Dickinson spoke to the BBC about the incident, commenting:

”In my opinion she deserves special praise for bravery as it was her actions that assisted others to detain Ndenu.

"This was a terrifying ordeal for all those involved, with a number of incidents across Hull and the East Riding over a short period of time, and I am delighted that Ndenu has now been jailed.

"I would like to thank all the victims and witnesses who came forward. Their courage and assistance has been invaluable in our investigation and ensuring Ndenu was quickly stopped from committing further offences.”

Hull Crown Court ruled that the 24 year-old spend nine years in prison.

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