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Hair salon hero

HERO: Louise Johnson

A BLACK woman, who confronted a mob to protect her hair salon and a nearby fashion shop from rioters in Wolverhampton has been given champagne by the fashion shop’s grateful owner.

Louise Johnson, owner of Louise’s Hair salon in Queen’s Street in Wolverhampton, told The Voice she is absolutely delighted to get the gift from Struan Robertson, who runs the Prima Donna women’s fashion shop next door.

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” the 52-year-old grandmother said.

“I’m going to open it for my clients and staff on Saturday. I was just trying to protect both shops. They are my friends. They help me.”

Johnson, who has also been getting calls, chocolates, other gifts and kudos from the public, confronted the mob on Tuesday night as they raced along Queen’s Street, where she has operated her hair salon for two years.

“My daughter was screaming at me to come inside but I said ‘no’ I am not going anywhere…I had to stand up and fight for what’s mine,” said Johnson, a mother of four and grandmother of five.

“I decided to stay because if I leave my shop they would have destroyed it. I heard them coming so I just stand outside and I put my hands up and I ask them ‘please don’t touch my shop.’ …I continued swearing at them and I said please don’t smash my shop.

“All I was thinking about was the business…I started up this for myself and the girl who works for me. I work hard these last two years. It has been difficult because they closed the bus station down when I opened and I was depending on the trade. The bus station just re-opened two weeks ago so now things started to get a little bit better and they are ready to destroy everything. I couldn’t allow them to do it and I’d still stand out here tomorrow if it starts again.”

A hair stylist for 10 years, Johnson said she opened on Wednesday and has her best day of business.

“People have been congratulating me, saying you are brave, I wouldn’t do it but I said if you have something you feel very passionate about, you would.”

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