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Hanging with the boys at the second chance saloon


NOW AT last we can begin to write the history of Barack Obama. Now we know how America feels about him four years on from the moment when he burst onto the world stage as the first black US president. Because that was what this election was all about - whether or not the United States would give a bruvva a second chance.

Barack of course is not the only bruvva who could do with a second chance. The jails of America are filled with them. We all make mistakes. However this election was not just about the jail cells of America.


Let's face it - the bedsits and men's hostels of Britain, not to talk of the matrimonial homes of this country, are filled with bruvvas who could do with a second chance. But how many sistas are willing to blindly put their faith in a bruvva to give them the kind of unstinting support that Barack got from African-American women in this election. In fact, the black community as a whole stayed right behind Barack.

Despite all their personal reservations about his first four years they came out in numbers to support him when many white Americans who voted for him first time around deserted him.

When it comes to Obama, the question now is who will write his history? Will we leave it to his critics or will we take the bull by the horn and write it? After his first term in office, he will now certainly be putting together his 'White House Diaries.’ Michelle will have a domesticated version of that no doubt. Michelle and Barack could also be planning retirement in the public eye and a world tour to match that of Nelson Mandela's a few years back when the great anti-apartheid leader was feted like a rock star in every corner of the world.

Yeah, Barack, you done us proud!

As for the rest of us bruvvas who are in the dog house for one misdemeanour, transgression or another, our sistas should swallow that immense pride of theirs and do the right thing and give us one more break.

I'm sure you all agree with me fellas.

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