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Helping men with marriage

SETTING AN EXAMPLE: EuGene Jordon with daughter Geneva

ANYONE INTERESTED in learning insights about marriage, parenting and relationships, from a male perspective, should visit a website founded and produced by EuGene Jordon.

Now in its fourth year, the site was founded by EuGene, 30, after he found himself having to cope with being a first-time dad and husband when Keisha, his wife of nine years, gave birth to their daughter Geneva, now seven. The experience put EuGene on an emotional rollercoaster and caused him to seek answers to the questions going through his mind, with his experience leading him to found the Men and Marriage website. EuGene recalled:

“I thought it would be great if I could provide a forum and platform where men from all walks of life could share their experiences and become better men because of it.”

That forum started off as video based on YouTube. It now has more than 50 videos with the most viewed one being about his experience as a first time dad. To date, it’s had more than 20,000 views. The Men and Marriage website followed shortly afterwards. EuGene remains pleased with the reaction to the website. He said:


“People have responded really well.

“When I started early on, men wouldn’t say anything. They might say something on the off-chance, but the likelihood was they wouldn’t say anything.

“I’m now finding that more men are gravitating to the site, and not just reading and being consumers of the site but are also sharing.”

EuGene is the first to admit that men don’t share deeply enough. There isn’t really any other forum that allows men to just talk. We can have a lot of banter, but it often stays at surface level and never really digs deep.”

If there’s one thing you get from reading EuGene’s articles, or watching his videos, it’s that he loves his family and enjoys his marriage. He says what he likes most about marriage is “the learning part”. He adds:

“It’s challenging sometimes, but it never gets boring. It’s challenging because learning about your partner is intentional. I like the growth. It’s interesting to see the maturity and how we’ve grown.”

He does, however, believe the church should provide a more honest perspective on marriage.

“We tend to put this Instagram filter over marriage – we gloss it and make it look so good. And it is good, but when we only look through that lens where everything is awesome, you get a slap in the face when you come across one little mountain.”

The website is going from strength to strength, and he can be confident that he is providing men with answers and food for thought on issues about life, love and family.

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