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Hendrix at the Victoria and Albert Museum

CELEBRATED: Jimi Hendrix

JIMI HENDRIX - a driven, wildly gifted student of the Blues; an enthusiastic graduate of the soul, funk and rock US touring circuit.

A man who felt so compelled to express his creative individuality that he left the ‘Land of the Free’ in order to realise his musical ambitions in England.

Within four years he would change the global view of rock music and its musicians and in so doing our ingrained assumptions of who could, should and can represent rock and roll.

Experience Hendrix, the organisation run by Jimi’s step-sister, Janie L. Hendrix, have endorsed Hendrix at 70 at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She states:

"Jimi first found a loving audience who greeted him with open arms in London.

Jimi's fans embraced him all throughout England and continue to celebrate his great legacy to this day. This year his spirit returns for his 70th birthday. The family is honoured to be at the Victoria and Albert Museum to celebrate the legacy."


POSTER: Jimi Hendrix (1942) LArry Smart, 1967

17.30 – 18.45
16 November, Seminar Room 3

Fashioning Hendrix will explore the history of the Hussar jacket (two of which were favoured by Hendrix during his early years in London).

The Hussar jacket’s military legacy became subverted when worn by Hendrix and other musicians after being sold in the army surplus shops that sprung up in post war Britain. Thepopularity of outlets like John Stephens’ I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet coincided with a social awareness among the young and their opposition to continued armed conflict.

But how did musical youth culture, fronted by artists like Hendrix, succeed in pioneering an alternative relationship with clothing so ingrained in British militaristic history? Erica Arnold, military fashion conservator & historian will discuss the cultured roots of the jacket in an illustrated talk with Contemporary Black Music Culture’s Jacqueline Springer. £9, £6 concessions


LEGEND: Burning of The Midnight Lamp by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Photoside, UK (London), 1968

19.45 – 21.00
16 November, The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre

Celebrated photographer Gered Mankowitz will talk in-depth about his photographic relationship with Jimi and the iconic photographs he produced shooting Jimi, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell.

Gered will contextualise the period preceding the legendary Mason’s yard sessions and the subsequent legacy of rock portraiture. His discussion will immediately be followed by one with Joe Boyd, the record producer and film director who worked on the 1973 posthumous documentary 'Jimi Hendrix'. Both talks will allow patrons to re-examine the influence still and moving image has on us all, especially a subject as relentlessly reappraised as Hendrix. £9, £6 concessions

On the night Fender™ Musical Instruments will provide visitors access to their famed ‘Jam Station’ accompanied by live guitar renditions of the Hendrix back catalogue.

Jointly organised with Contemporary Black Music Culture™. With thanks to Fender™ Musical Instruments

To book call 020 7942 2211 or visit

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