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Hilarious viral vlogger Rants N Bants talks future moves

GOOD CHAT: Rants N Bants

IT'S BEEN a year since Dean Simon also known as Rants N Bants started uploading his Snap Chat stories to Facebook and 70,000 subscribers later the north London star says things are just starting to feel normal.

Prior to his name gathering interest as an online comic and social commentator Rants N Bants was like any other social network user.

A former footballer with a career curtailed due to constant injury, he told The Voice that it took a while to get used to the fact that people recognise him now and if he’s being 100 per cent truthful, he may never get used to the new found notoriety.

“The funniest part of being recognised now is going out with my mum,” Rants enthused.

He added:

“Obviously she sees my videos and she sees the numbers but when she sees I am getting stopped on the road, she can’t believe it.

“I’m accustomed to it now but at the beginning it was weird for me too. Where I’m from if someone stops you on the road its on sight, you don’t know what’s going on. I’ll be on the road with my headphones on and people are grabbing me, it took a while to get my head around but I know its love now so I deal with it better.”

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Rants N Bants has gained a huge following

Being funny online is no easy feat. Keeping audiences is even harder but Rants explained that although it may sound cliché he believes his content resonates with people because it's communicated in a way they understand it.

Covering three main areas of interest in sport, politics and everyday societal observations Rants says viewers should watch out for other topics coming soon.

“There’s loads of stuff that I like, music is another area I will venture into more as I grow.

“I did a video on the Red Bull Culture Clash and off of the back of that I was contacted to do work in the music industry. I want to branch out and I will.

“With the politics, the climate is right at the moment, there is so much going on. I genuinely believe that the majority of people that follow me for my views on politics are those that didn’t really take interest in it beforehand. It wasn’t broken down in a way they can digest it so they follow me so they can more understand what’s going on.”

If you are an ardent follower you may have seen Rants at various sporting events since the year started, he even put questions to new International Boxing Organisation (IBO) champion Chris Eubank Jr prior to the Brighton fighter landing the belt.

A keen sportsmen and personal trainer Rants says he knew when his football career was over he would have to work for himself.

PACKING A PUNCH: Rants N Bants with Chris Eubank Jr

Most recently Rants has been involved with bringing a new football app to life. It’s called Yakatak and focuses on engaging with football fans in a unique way.

Looking forward, he prefers not to limit his options in terms of what he could turn his hand to next.

For all of the stand-up comedians out there watching closely, have no fear, Rants knows the stage is no place for him.

“To be honest, I like presenting, being part of a satirical panel, that sort of thing.

“I’ve been offered the chance to do stand up comedy shows but that’s not really the avenue that I want to take, that’s not really my thing.

“I’m known as an online personality so any job that I can do where I can be myself, which is what I have been doing anyway and I enjoy being in the environment, I’ll give it a go. It's just banter at the end of the day for me, its not that serious.”

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