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How affirmations can help you achieve all your goals

POSITIVE SELF-esteem is a tricky term to understand – there are many people who confuse this with overly high self-esteem and confidence.

Firstly, it is helpful to understand what self-esteem is before looking at the impact positive self-esteem affirmations can have on your life. Quite simply, self-esteem is what you feel about yourself. This is your own appraisal or evaluation about your abilities and about the kind of person you are. You can either have a positive or negative impression about yourself.

If you are not satisfied with who you are, or what you have accomplished in life or your profession, you will most likely have low self-esteem.

Positive self-esteem and overly high self-esteem are not the same thing. Positive self-esteem comes from self-understanding and realisation about your abilities, and as a result, you can reach a new plane of accomplishment when you are internally happy and at peace with yourself. You are one step closer to achieving freedom in life.

Overly high self-esteem, on the other hand, often reflects an unrealistic view of oneself. Overly high self-esteem can often lead to pride and overestimation about oneself, and this can cause pain and frustration later on when slowly the realisation begins to set in.


Positive self-esteem is also not the same as confidence. The fact is, there are a lot of people out there who appear extremely confident about themselves, and because of this, they can achieve great results too. But there are some who still have poor self-esteem.

Why are affirmations so important for positive self-esteem?

Now that we have understood what positive self-esteem is and how it is different from high self esteem and confidence, let us now try to find out why affirmations are so important.

An affirmation is an act of asserting or stating something. It is helpful to have positive affirmations available to us.

We often face negative factors that impact us both internally and externally. For instance, when a child is born, they have not yet developed self-esteem. However, with time, as youngsters age, they may be judged by others in a negative way, and statements such as, ‘You should have done better’, or, ‘I expected better from you’ can bring down self-worth. These opinions get strongly rooted into the mind, and this kills any positive self-esteem, as well as leading to a low self esteem.

Positive self-esteem affirmations can work very well here. These affirmations are an effort to reassure you that what the others are saying about you may not be what you really are, and can support the belief you have about gifts, talents and abilities. Research has shown links between positive affirmations and increased activity in brain areas linked to positive self-worth, viewing an outcome as positive and rewarding, and the ability to regulate one’s emotions. In a recent study, affirmations that were consistent with participants’ personal values and focused on imagining having positive experiences related to these values at a future time were linked to positive changes in behaviour one month later.

There are a number of easy ways, both free and low-cost, to use affirmations to help you make positive change. A quick Internet search will reveal an abundance of audio programs featuring positive affirmations and imagery, but you can also make your own. Here are some positive affirmations to help you:

• I am who I am, and I accept my life.

• I am important to the people around me, and more importantly, to myself.

• I was born with a purpose, and my goal is to make an effort to fulfil it.

• I will just live once, and so shall do everything to make the best out of it.

Tandelyn A. Weaver is the president of The Power of Positive Action, LLC. A certified life coach, Tandelyn provides free advice on the seven strategies women entrepreneurs must have for success, wealth and personal freedom through her website, personal

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