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How her skin problems led Diva World founder to create range

BEAUTY QUEEN: Cynthia Adjei

DIVA WORLD Hair & Beauty are a UK-based company dedicated to resolving skin issues for people of colour. Their mission is to help you achieve flawless beautiful skin without using harsh chemicals.

Founded by Cynthia Adjei, Diva World Hair & Beauty provide a scientifically advanced beauty care range which has been researched and developed for over 20 years, and is not tested on animals, is free from artificial colouring, perfumes and are tolerated by the most sensitive skins.

Their range includes skin damage correction range, complexion enhancing creams, acne blemish control range, skin exfoliating range, skin hydrating moisturisers, stretch mark cream, skin cleansers, anti-aging cream and facial masques.

The Voice caught up with Cynthia ahead of this weekend’s Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE.

Q: What's your daily skin-care routine like right now?

A: I always, always cleanse, tone and moisturise twice every day.

Q: How do you look after your skin all day?

A: I’ve always had oily skin and suffer with breakouts around my menstrual cycle. This can leave blemishes/dark spots which take ages to fade away. I’ve also suffered with severe hyper-pigmentation on my face and neck, which affected my confidence dramatically. Thankfully, these issues have been resolved using my range of products developed with skin like mine in mind! Firstly, I use Deep Cleansing Gel to thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities. This contains skin exfoliating ingredients which help to remove dead skin cells and reduce oil build up. I also use the Anti Blemish Acne Masque, once a week for 10 mins, which is great for fading my blemishes. I use Camphor Clarifying Toner with is great for blemished and oily skin. It fights bacteria, reduces sebaceous gland secretion and helps to dry-up blemishes. This also ensures thorough removal of remaining traces of any cleanser or make up, and tightens the pores. I moisturise my skin with Skin Radiant Active Toning Lotion to manage my hyper-pigmention which enhances and even out my skin tone to leave it bright and glowing. I then will follow-up with Invisible Cover Sunblock, to protect my skin from the sun harmful rays which helps my skin to keep looking young!

Q: Which routine is the most important to follow>

A: Remember to always, cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin and wear sunblock! Even on black skin!

Q: And finally what's the best way to use your skin-care products>

A: Always read and follow the instructions and seek further advice from our professionally-trained facial skincare consultant.

Pop over and meet Cynthia at the Diva World Cosmetics stand at Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE today and tomorrow. Doors open 10.30-6pm on both days. Tickets are £12 in advance from

Get touch with Cynthia by searching for 'Diva World Hair and Beauty' on Facebook and Instagram or by emailing:

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