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I Love Jamaica Day: What's your favourite JA memory?


Dawn Butler, MP

"My first favourite memory of Jamaica was probably at the age of seven when I went too Jamaica with my parents and overdosed on mangoes — I had to be taken to the hospital!

"I laugh at it now because I love mangoes so much and it didn't deter my love for them at all. There's also lots of great memories of just being at the top of blue mountain and feeling like you’re on top of the clouds and all your worries just float away.

"Another great memory is 2012, with the Olympics and Jamaica’s 50th independence day. I was working for the government and helping to organise Jamaica house, and it was a fantastic time."

Levi Roots

"I talk a lot about my grandmother and when I think about Jamaica, I think about the lessons my grandma taught me. She was my first teachers, so the stories she told me and things I learnt from her stand out."

Odell Campbell, National Baking Company

"There is so many! I here the music and I feel like I should be home with all the festivities. We used to live as one people, playing dominoes together and stuff like that so I miss that and that reminds me of Jamaica."

Errol McKellar, Prostate Cancer UK

"My favourite memories would have to be growing up in the Jamaican culture with my parents and the traditional things we would do in the house as a family."

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