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Inspirational Natalie aiming for success at beauty pageant

TRAFFIC-STOPPER: Natalie Allen has already won a beauty pageant and hopes to claim another

A COMMUNITY-MINDED model has raised money for the Huddersfield African Caribbean Trust in her capacity as one of the contestants in the Carnival Queen International beauty pageant, taking place in Huddersfield on February 25.

Natalie Allen, 32, who is being cheered on by one-year-old son Star, was crowned Miss Charity at the Face of the Globe pageant in 2016 and before that, found time to study for an honours degree, publish two books and clock-up some acting credits.

Poetry-loving Allen says:

“I think I am a good contender for Miss Carnival Queen International, because I am educated and I have common sense, which goes a long way.

“I have a sense of humour, too – in this world we live in, we need banter! I am using this competition as a platform to inspire people to reach for their goals, as I’ve shown they’re not impossible to grab.

“I have suffered from bad health over the years with an auto immune condition, which doctors have said is incurable.

“I was told to get a surrogate instead of giving birth to a child – as we know, doctors are not always right. My partner and I have a beautiful son named Star, who I gave birth to with no difficulties.

“Not long after giving birth, I was out there on stage with no stretch marks, showing off my bikini body.

“The motherhood experience and the smooth pregnancy gave me the confidence to do it. I thought, ‘If I can give birth, I can face my insecurities and make a difference’.”

With 5,000 Instagram followers gained in the space of just a month, Allen’s profile is rising, which raises questions about how women are treated online and the sexism they might face in pageants and other activities which focus significantly on looks.

“I have not experienced sexism at pageants. I don’t just jump into entering contests for the sake of it. I specifically pick pageants that are versatile. I have done three and have been approached by many, but I am very particular about what I put myself up for.

“One of the pageants I did, Miss British Empire UK, had a male version called Mr British Empire UK. Things are done differently at pageants here in England compared with many other places in the world.”

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