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Instagram's latest feature is sure to disappoint

NEW FEATURE: Instagram

INSTAGRAM HAVE followed Snapchat with their latest feature, and have revealed that people will now be notified if you screenshot their pictures - at least, when it comes to Direct Messages.

Instagram’s latest update means that users can send and receive temporary photos and videos via their DMs, that are timed to disappear after a few seconds.

With these messages only last a short period of time, users will have the option of revisiting the photo in the future – but the sender will receive a notification that their photo or video has been saved by the recipient, Cosmopolitan reports.

Underneath the photograph in question, a message saying ‘screenshot taken’ will appear.

The user will also receive the memo on their lock screen, if they’ve programmed their Instagram settings to send them notifications when they are not using the app.

If you’ve recently screenshotted a DM and are internally screaming at the recipient knowing about your secret stalking ways, there is a silver lining to the horror.

The good news is that you can still screenshot actual Instagram posts without getting caught red handed.

So if you’ve been getting screenshot happy on your ex’s new partner’s profile, your secret is still safe - for now.

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