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INTERVIEW: Meet Craig Mitch

FACE OF FOOTBALL: Craig Mitch started his career on YouTube seven years ago and has gone from strength to strength (Photo credit: Tee Reskah Photography)

THERE ARE times when you sit with ‘the next hot prospect’ and already feel they are taking their talent for granted.

Not so with Craig Mitch, who has already built a credible CV, but has the hunger and desire to scale higher heights.

Sitting with Craig at the Rosewood Hotel restaurant in London’s West End, it is clear from the offset that the 27-year-old ‘modern presenter’ is grateful for the interest The Voice has given him already – but he is also acutely aware of the need to expose his brand to as many different faces as possible while he is on the journey towards greatness.

Asked what ‘the top’ looks like for him, Craig says: “I see myself like a James Corden. He does the football stuff but then he can switch it up and host the Grammys or have his own talk show. I think he’s the blueprint.”

He added: “I’ve been doing this for the last seven years and I’m definitely aiming high – why not?”

Craig’s journey started online, as it goes for much of today’s aspiring talent. His skill was obvious from the start, as was his enthusiasm for his content.

“I like to refer to myself as a modern broadcaster,” Craig says. He adds: “A lot of people say the term ‘presenter’, but I feel like the term is almost extinct, in a sense. The internet means you need to be able to front your content, edit it and generally be an all rounder rather than just front it, which is essentially what a presenter does."

“So because I have come up as part of the YouTube generation, creating my content and things like that, I like to use the term ‘modern broadcaster’ because I feel like I can do much more than a presenter was required to do 10 or 15 years ago.”

In summer 2016, Craig presented the Euro 2016 coverage from France with YouTube channel Slash Football. Craig also had the opportunity to host the yellow carpet for GRM Daily’s Rated Awards interviewing the likes of Craig David, Naughty Boy and Kano.

Craig has worked for a number of broadcasters, brands and platforms already, including Samsung, New Balance, MTV, Nike, COPA90, Adidas, FLAVOURMAG, Spurred On and The Football Republic, to name a few.

His radio work has included stints on DJ Cameo’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show with UKG news, and he spent nine months on London’s Roundhouse Radio.

As a young man doing well in the business, Craig is often asked how he got his break and what advice he would pass on to youngsters out there trying to make their own impact in the sport and entertainment media industry.

LOVING LIFE: Presenting at Vicarage Road in August (Photo credit: Instagram)

He says: “I had friends, and then people around me doing what I was doing. They either had normal jobs or they were out partying. When you become an adult you need to work and you need to have social time – I needed to merge the two, to make sure the people I was hanging around with in my social time were also the people that work in my field.

“It wasn’t about dropping my friends, but I couldn’t hang around with them as much. Luckily for me I had people around me. I started working with a guy called Poet – he’s in the world that I am in, and we just hit it off and became good friends.

“Naturally the people we would hang around with got to know each other, and there were other presenters like Maya Jama. We all just started coming up together and it helps because not only are we friends, we work in the same field.”

He adds: “The opportunities would be spread among us as there is strength in numbers, so I always say it’s good to start something and to do what you want to do, but I say you are who you hang around with, and I truly believe that.”

Having presented his first gig for The Premier League Show at Vicarage Road for Watford v Liverpool back in August, Craig says he is enjoying every minute of the new challenge despite having nerve-wracking first day on the job.

“I remember that first day, and I remember being so nervous. They had told me the number of people that would be watching and had people talking in my ear with a loud tannoy alongside it.

“I could barely hear the person in my ear – I didn’t have my own in-ear at the time so it wasn’t fitted. I remember getting through it and on the other end my producer said I smashed it.

“That feeling gave me all the confidence going forward because it’s like, ‘Cool, I swam in at the deep end’.”

As well as his roles with JD Sports and The Premier League, Craig has his own Podcast coming out and a fashion show to look forward to. The young man is going places, be sure you don’t miss him.

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