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INTERVIEW: We speak to funny girl Judi Love

FUNNY GIRL: Judi Love discovered her talent while at university, and now shares the stage with some of the circuit’s greats

Life & Style: What came first: Judi Love the comedienne, or Judi Love the Facebook personality?

Judi Love: I was a comedienne first. A lot of people approach me and say they have seen me on Facebook, and they think that I am a social media comedienne, and don’t know that actually I am a stand-up comedienne. That is my passion first and foremost.

L&S: How did you get into the industry?

JL: I did a degree in community arts and social science, and in one of the last semesters I had this thing called ‘solo performance’. It was around my mum, talking about different conversations I had had with her, and it turned out to be funny. Really funny. The guy who was lecturing said to me that I should think about doing stand-up, and that was the first little seed that was planted.

Then, while I was working somewhere, instead of working I was talking and laughing, and another lady said I should do stand-up. After that, I spoke to The Comedy School in London, but decided to leave it for a year. I went back after that year and spent six weeks there. I then started to do comedy on the mainstream circuit for a few months.

At first, I wasn’t really sure about it – you have to find your personality and who you are as a comedienne. That is virtually impossible at the beginning, but you don’t realise that at the time. I stopped for a little while, and then people kept telling me to try it. From there I went to Cottons in Islington, and Quincy was there. I did my first seven minutes, and from there, the bookings just increased.

L&S: What’s been the most difficult part of your journey so far?

JL: The most difficult part is just before you get on stage. That really is quite nerve-wracking. Actually adapting from being funny with your friends to doing it in front of a live audience is also a challenge.

L&S: Would you say your stock is rising at the moment – are you ‘blowing up’?

JL: Now there’s a question! I don’t want to seem arrogant or anything. I wouldn’t see it as ‘blowing up’ – I think everyone has his or her time and I pray my time is not limited. There must be something different about me and why I am standing out. Maybe I am using that to my advantage, but that is just my personality.

COMEDY QUEEN: Judi Love’s online videos have proved a huge hit
(photo: YouTube)

I do feel like I am getting out there. I’ve been exposed to a bit of TV work, online work and a lot of my comedy is getting out there through social media. Those platforms make a difference as well. Blowing up? I’m not sure, but I am getting a bit more exposure.

L&S: Is there anyone in the business who you would like to emulate in terms of success?

JL: Obviously – people like Gina Yashere. She is one of the best-known black female comediennes. But outside of comedy I would pick someone like Maya Angelou, because I feel like she is the type of woman who stood her ground, and for that she is recognised.

L&S: You have come a long way in the five years you have been taking comedy seriously – where would you like to be in another five years’ time? Who would you have liked to have shared a stage with, and which venues would you like to have performed at?

JL: Venue-wise, I would love to do the Apollo. I would love to do a few more bits in Edinburgh, and the Fringe Festival. In terms of sharing a stage with people, I haven’t even thought about that.

My mind has been so focused on the fact that there is somuchinme–IfeellikeI’m not even a quarter of the way to where I want to go.
I haven’t looked at anybody else.

On the urban circuit, I feel like I have performed with a lot of the people that I would have liked to perform with. Quincy, Mr C, Richard Black- wood and people like that.

I would obviously like to share a stage with Gina Yashere, Angie Le Mar and Curtis Walker – I love them.

In five years, I hope to have an established foot in the industry, showing multiple skills in acting, writing and producing.

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