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Invitation to participate in UCL medical research

Study Title: SABRE V3
Principal Investigator: Prof. Nish Chaturvedi

DID YOU know that if you are of African or African Caribbean background you are at greater risk of high blood pressure and stroke than any other ethnic group in the UK?

People of African Caribbean ethnicity are also at higher risk of type 2 diabetes, although surprisingly, they have lower levels of cholesterol and lower risk of heart attacks. Much of what we know about ethnic origin and heart and brain disease comes from the SABRE study which started back in 1988-91 and looked at the health of white European, South Asian and African Caribbean people.

There are many questions that we still need to answer about why some ethnic groups are at higher risk of these disorders, in order that we may better protect ourselves and future generations.

We are looking for new volunteers to join the SABRE study group. You may be suitable to take part if you are:

- African or African Caribbean
(4 parents born in West Africa or the Caribbean), living in the London area and aged 56 years or older)

- If you are suitable we would invite you to attend our clinic at University College London, for a ‘top-to toe’ health check which includes: a brain scan, heart and blood vessel scan, short walk tests, body scan of body fat and bone density, blood tests, memory tests, balance and strength tests. The health check takes a morning.

- You do not have to do any tests you do not want to do.

If you would like more information about the research or would like to be sent an information pack which explains all the tests fully, please call the SABRE team on:
0207 679 9471 or email:

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