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It's Stogey Time

INSPIRATION: Stogey is one of the first artists signed to D Power’s EB Records

TO BE an up-and- coming grime artist right now is almost like being a needle in a haystack. As the underground genre is finally being embraced across the world, there are many artists coming out of the woodwork, ready to spit a mad 16 and shoot their shot at grime superstardom.

While many aspire, there are few who have what it takes to capture the scene, but the enigmatic rapper Stogey could be one of them.

Hailing from south London, but currently based in East Sussex, Stogey is one of the first artists signed to grime veteran D Power’s EB Records.

“I’ve always been inspired by D Power, and his whole musical journey,” said Stogey of his mentor. “From everything he’s built, to the things he’s taught me, he’s definitely an inspiration.”

For his first release on EB Records, the young rapper has hit the streets with ‘V.I.P’, a bass trembling riddim which shows off Stogey’s lyrical prowess.

“Coming up with V.I.P was quite a simple process,” said the MC. “I listened to some beats that D Power had with him and the beat for V.I.P came up and that was that.”

As Stogey’s debut track be- gins to hit the airwaves and rack up those video hits, he’s excited to see how his career progresses in 2017. “I just finished my first EP, which will be out at the end of February, and I’m just going to be doing videos after videos and hopefully some live shows.”

His enthusiasm for grime is undisputed, as he talks passionately about the music and feels even more dedicated to it after being in the industry a few years – despite the lack of support from some of his family. “My family are loving it now, but at first they weren’t so much,” he admits.

“Even now my father doesn’t support my music, but it just makes me even more determined to succeed.”

With his motivation, talent and backing of one of grime’s biggest players, there’s no doubt that Stogey’s time is coming.

Find out more about Stogey by following his social media: Twitter: @OfficialStogey, Face- book: @OfficialStogey, Instagram: @officialstogey, Soundcloud: EBRecordsUK

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