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JME backs Jeremy Corbyn in bid to get youth to vote

TEAMING UP: JME and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

JME has teamed up with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a plea to young people to register to vote.

The MC took over the Labour leader’s Snapchat to urge young people to submit their application before the deadline on May 22.

The Boy Better Know co-founder was meeting with Corbyn to discuss the reasons why young people do not register to vote, and recorded a message with the Labour leader.

Jme a photo of himself and Corbyn with his 697,000 Twitter followers with the caption: “I met Jeremy Corbyn today and explained why bare of us don’t vote. I forgot to ask for a pic, so here’s one I borrowed.”

He continued, tweeting: “Remember, don’t just vote for someone in recommendation. Do your own research. But make sure you register.”

A surge in votes from young people could offer a boost to Labour’s election prospects. More than half of students are intent on voting Labour, according to a poll published earlier this month, with Corbyn’s leadership boosting student support for Labour, which is up from 23 per cent in 2005 to 55 per cent in 2017.

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