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Kanye West dumps Kim Kardashian?

TRUE OR FALSE?: Kanye West dumps Kim Kardashian? - Rapper ended romance via text, reports Mediatakeout

RAPPER KANYE West has dumped his new celebrity girlfriend, Kim Kardashian via text message, reports Mediatakeout [MTO].

According to gossip website the Watch The Throne hit-maker was angry at the reality TV star because she secretly planned to bring a camera crew on the European leg of his tour with Jay Z.

West was said to have been so shocked by the news that he sent a text to Kim ending their relationship.

The story, which was published by MTO today, read: "Well we're told that Kanye had agreed to bring Kim Kardashian ON TOUR WITH HIM next month, as he and Jay Z go on their European tour. Beyonce plans to also go on tour with Jigga and Yeezy. [sic]."

They continued: "Well it turns out that SNEAKY AZZ KIM, arranged to have her REALITY SHOW cameras go with her - she was planning to put EVERYONE on camera - Kanye, Jigga, Bey . . . and even BLUE. [sic]."

"Well when Kanye found out about Kim's plans, he unceremoniously UNINVITED her . . . and he DUMPED her too!! [sic]," they added.

The news comes just days after a source allegedly told US Weekly magazine that Kanye was in fact head over heels in love with his new lover.

They said: "They're perfect for each other. He thinks she's his Beyonce! Now that Kim has gotten over the Kris drama . She sees how much Kanye loves her."

Kanye was also said to have 'spent ages' pursuing Kim who finally gave in to his charms, following her split with soon-to-be ex-husband and basketball player, Kris Humphries, at end of last year.

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