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Killer Lauryn Hill verses - reminisce, it's her b-day

BACK IN THE DAY: Lauryn Hill circa the Fugees' hit album The Score (photo credit: Hip-Hop Golden Age)

THE HEARTBREAKINGLY-beautiful mother of six will forever be emblazoned on the heart of every '90s kid and hip-hop fan of the era.

Coming to mainstream attention in 1996 alongside Fugees bandmates Wyclef Jean and Praz with the release of their second album The Score, Lauryn Hill bathed us in conscious, quick-fire lyrics that easily outshone the verses of her male counterparts; a quality even top-tier female MCs are seldom given enough credit for.

Killer verse #1 starts at 13 seconds:

Killer verse #2 starts at 2 minutes 2 seconds:

Two years later, the naturalista released her own solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill which spawned many a chart hit, including The Ex-Factor and Do Wop (That Thing). The album features collaborations with fellow vocal heavyweight Mary J. Blige and smooth crooner D'Angelo and served to show the world that Hill was undoubtedly the triple threat critics hoped she truly was- beautiful, with a soaring husky range as well as the ability to write and perform some of the most skillfully-executed rap lyrics ever heard.

Killer verse #3 starts at 1 minute 42 seconds


A messy sense of disillusionment with the record industry at-large saw Hill release an acoustic unplugged album that voiced her displeasure and by no means appeased any executives in the way of numbers or a commercial viability comparable with her first release.

Killer verse #5 starts at 21 seconds:

Killer verse #6 starts at 2 minutes 52 seconds:

Soon after, Hill seemed to leave 'the scene' and bury herself in her relationship with musical prince Rohan Marley; displaying signs of ill mental health and an appearance altered by the former. Hill and Marley have six children together and celebrated the arrival of their first grandson earlier this year.

Killer verse #7 starts at 1 minute 55 seconds:

Killer verse #8 starts at 2 minutes:

Killer verse #9 starts at 30 seconds:

Killer verse #10 starts at 2 minutes 42 seconds:

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