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Legendary footballer to study advertising in London


BRAZILIAN FOOTBALLING legend Ronaldo is set to study advertising at London-based communications company WPP after being offered a work placement, according to Brazil's Veja magazine.

The two-time World Cup winner and World Footballer of the Year is said to be studying in the nation’s capital under the guidance of Sir Martin Sorrell.

A spokesperson for the 35-year-old former Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid player said: “He intends to go to England, which he will receive advice and guidance from Mr Sorrell, who's the head of the world's largest advertising company.”

In a recent interview with Brazilian publication Meio e Mensagem, Ronaldo was quoted as saying: “Eighteen years have passed and I've hardly studied at all. I feel a great need to become a student again.

“I've learned a lot in life, travelling, living abroad, just in the school of life.

“But I also have to immerse myself in something. Learning from Martin Sorrell will be perfect.”

Ronaldo added: “I won't leave him alone, I'll be asking him questions the whole day, just like a striker. He's going to have to tell me everything.”

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