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Legendary rapper Q-Tip weighs in on Kanye West controversy


Q-TIP has revealed his thoughts regarding Kanye West's recent hospitalisation and comments on Donald Trump.

Appearing on Bloomberg TV for a conversation on “With All Due Respect,” the iconic rapper dished out his opinion on a multitude of topics including the election and his “brother” Kanye West, revealing that he wants to have a serious discussion with the troubled rapper.

“It’s difficult because I love him,” Q-Tip said. “That’s my brother, you know what I’m saying? I reached out to him and I’m hoping that we just get to talk. I just probably will leave it there because I really care about that dude. But his remarks are something that require he and I having a real serious discussion.”

West is still reportedly hospitalised. During his Sacramento, Calif., rant, at what turned out to be the final show of the Saint Pablo Tour, West apparently referenced Q-Tip’s comments saying, “Don’t tell me how to be me,” before leaving the stage.

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