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Life after Obama

HAPPY COUPLE: President Barack Obama and wife Michelle party away

LET'S NOT join in the chorus of boo-boys as the Obamas leave the White House in a year’s time, even though many of us feel he has been a disappointment and all.

Frankly, I would rather have had the ‘disappointment’ of his two terms than not had it. 

The Obamas have been an addictive middle-class soap opera and we'll miss them when they're gone. In America, where their cache is greater they have inspired a burgeoning middle-class with a set of values to call its own.

Michelle has been outstanding as the matriarch of America’s First (black) Family. In the role of First Lady she has carried herself with the utmost dignity even in the face of vitriol directed at her and her husband. So we thank her for her restraint in not clapping down on a few of those journalists with a well aimed blow to the chops. Because the headlines would have read: TYPICAL BLACK WOMAN. As if a black woman can be ‘untypical'.

As for Sasha and Malia, who wouldn’t want them for daughters?

In 2016, though, the attention will turn to life after the White House for the Obamas. I don’t doubt that the president will continue in frontline public office in some capacity.

But he will start off by taking a well-deserved break. Just him and Michelle at first before being joined by the youngers. He’ll take a year out to write a book thereby avoiding overshadowing his successor at Pennsylvania Avenue.

After that the gloves are off and the options open: General-Secretary of the United Nations. Governor of the World Bank.

President of Kenya… New Chelsea coach. And endless appeals to be our black Jesus. There will be less serious offers from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and the Rolling Stones.

We all hope, don’t we, that Barack Obama doesn’t take the Tony Blair root to amassing as much wealth as possible when there’s so much more work that he and his family can do for the world.

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