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London-wide football tournament to benefit ACLT

NOT FORGOTTEN: The legacy of late leukaemia victim Daniel De-Gale lives on through the charitable work of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT)

KICKOFF@3 IS a new social initiative set up by three members of the community, Michael Wallace, Ashley Levien and Ivan Kayima who are organising a London-wide football tournament.

Through sport, the three men feel that they can engage with young people and encourage them to build respect, unity and friendships amongst their peers and with other members of the community. The other driving force was to build a better relationship with the young people and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), in order to foster a better understanding between both groups.

The Voice is proud to partner with Kickoff@3.

Wallace, who works for the MPS says:

"After meeting with Mr. Orin Lewis OBE (co-founder of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust charity) in October 2015, I was moved by his personal testimony in relation to his son Daniel De Gale.

"I instantly wanted to give back and help spread the awareness with regard to leukaemia in the diverse communities we live and even more so in my very own black and minority ethnic (BME) community.

"Through my passion of football, I came-up with original concept of using the powerful tool of football as a means to engage young people so that they're made aware of the ACLT charity, the work that they do and ultimately so they could sign-up to the blood stem register.

"After working in close partnership with Ashley Levein from Suberbos Community to develop my idea, Kickoff@3 was formed.

"One of my ultimate objectives through Kickoff@3, is for all London boroughs to have a football tournament, by working in close partnership with the community to achieve the same common goals. In turn, good relationships will be built, to give Kickoff@3 the true success it deserves in support of the ACLT."

Levien adds:

“Football is a global language, a worldwide religion and we believe that its power can be used in such positive ways that can help change the world, which is why we have also teamed up with the highly respected ACLT to help raise the awareness of stem cell, blood and organ donation, especially within ethnic communities as registration statistics in comparison to other communities, still remain significantly low.

"Through football we believe that a positive impact can be made, awareness can be raised, communities can be changed and lives can be saved.”

Kayima comments:

“Football is such a powerful tool for unity and positive change.

"I got involved because I run a business which creates collaborative opportunities for people. Ashley and Michael ran events similar to what we are doing this year which was a great success and I was eager to collaborate with them on putting this on a bigger scale with Kickoff@3 raising money for the ACLT, saving countless lives.”

The Kickoff@3 team are organising a London-wide football tournament in order to promote the sport, work more closely with the MPS and to become involved with the ACLT, a charity whose work could affect us all at any time.

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) are fully supporting the tournament. Janet Hills, chair of the MetBPA stated:

“This tournament is a great opportunity to build bridges between young people, the community and the MPS. The tournament will not only involve the players it will also encompass the diverse communities in London. This is what community cohesion is all about. We will have a venue filled with supporters for the young people with one goal in mind – how to show unity and respect for one another. We want to hear about the good things happening within the community. We need to show and offer a world of opportunity that is there for the taking with a lot of hard work and that you do not have to do it on your own.”


• 7-a -side knock out tournament (time frame is approximately five hours)

• The age group is 16-19 years old (all youths in the above age bracket who attend a school within our three boroughs are welcome to compete)

• 10 players per team

• Girls and boys are welcome (but will need to be in separate teams)

• Basic cost of £3-£4 per player (all donations to ACLT, which is a non-profit charity)

•So far the following boroughs are competing - Bromley, Southwark, Lewisham, Waltham Forest, Hammersmith and Fulham and our following three areas Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham and Havering, which will be competing as a super-borough.

London boroughs are encouraged to participate in local tournaments which will culminate in a grand finale. The winning team will be presented with the Daniel De-Gale cup named in honour of the son of the founders of ACLT.

For further information on how to get involved or to check if your borough is participating in this tournament then e-mail the Kickoff@3 team: Kickoffat3@ý

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