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Look for this pod to grow

Triple threat: Joel Campbell, Michael Wong and Joe Long (right)

JON JONES’S doping violation, Lutalo Muhammad crying on national television and the merits of the Lingerie Football League. Those are just some of the topics that will be discussed on an exciting new podcast hosted by the Voice of Sport's Joel Campbell.

The Combat and Strength Podcast debuts across multiple platforms starting next month and the creators have promised to deliver premium sports content focused on the worlds of martial arts, fitness and the unconventional.

Joining Campbell each week will be Wing Chun expert Michael Wong and fight promoter Joe Long.

Wong has amassed a cult following on Youtube where the quirky Vietnamese born fighters video delivery style has attracted just under half a million subscribers and over 90 million views.

The ‘best home learning martial arts channel on Youtube’ Wong has been promoting ‘street fight self-defence’ and Wing Chun Kung Fu for the best part of a decade.

Having founded Seni, the largest fighting arts event in the world, Long brings a wealth of experience and behind the scenes know-how to the Combat and Strength Podcast table.

The former British karate international told the Voice of Sport that no podcast this side of the Atlantic will possess the punch and kick The Combat and Strength Podcast would offer fans.

“We’ve already secured a few well known platforms for The Combat and Strength Podcast so fans will definitely be able to find us. We’ve done it that way because we believe what we’re going to produce hasn’t been done, if it has it hasn’t been done to great effect and we know fans will want to see it.

“With the martial arts insight and general all around nuttiness of Wong and the journalistic prowess of Campbell we have a formula for success. ”

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