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Looking at Trump through the pen: Part 2

WRITE-OFF: President Donald Trump makes Easter cards for members of the military at an annual White House event

AS ONE of the most Googled men on the Internet who can claim to have many haters as well as fans, it is fair to say that Trump’s character and personality have been endlessly scrutinised and debated.

So, using graphology, what does handwriting expert Beverley East think we can learn about the real Donald Trump? What do his handwriting and signature say about him?

“Trump survives on little sleep because his sharp mind is constantly ticking over,” she says.

“He probably has some kind of fetish regarding cleanliness, touching and being touched however, without seeing originals copies of his handwriting and signature it is hard to be more specific.”

Explaining her methodology, she says: “I examine everything from the height of letters, spacing between letters, movement and form of the handwriting, the spacing around the handwriting or signature and the slant pressure of writing. Everything has a meaning – it’s like a complete language.”

Highlighting she has not yet “studied enough world leaders’ handwritings and signatures to compare to Trump”, she adds:

“Each person’s handwriting and signature creates its own pattern and characteristics. I can tell Trump is sharp with an analytical mind who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He is not a good listener and is constantly exploring new ideas to implement his goal.

“He is a hands-on person and when those around him are not moving at his pace he will more than likely get up and do it himself, hence the Twitter obsession.”

COMPARISON: Beverley East analyses Barack Obama's signature against that of President Donald Trump's

She also concludes, based on her graphology analysis, that Trump is “not much of a team player”, and he is a; “his way or no way type of man. Trump doesn’t mince his words and is not afraid to speak his mind. He lacks diplomacy.”

Speaking about Trump’s ability to think with his head or heart, she says:

“His emotions are run by his head and not by his heart. Trump is a logical thinking person.”

The Masters graduate in Graphoanalysis from the International Graphoanalysis Society in Chicago adds:

“His signature has not changed over the years. I first saw his signatures over 20 years ago, when he was married to his first wife.”

However, East cautions:

“It’s like looking at a photo to describe their whole face. You get some information, but not the context, which tells far more,” she says.


Indeed, the British Institute of Graphologists describe the technique as a blend of art and science –
science because it measures the structure and movement of the written form including slants, angles and spacing.

Each of these is accurately calculated and the pressure is observed in magnification and with precision. It is also classed as art because the graphologist has constantly to keep in mind the total context in which the writing is taking place.

Comparing the difference between Trump and former president Barack Obama, East says:

“The two signatures pictorially are totally different. President Obama’s signature is rounded and illegible with a slight right slant while Trump’s signature is sharp angular and structured with a vertical position.”

Asked about what Obama’s writing says about him, East says:

“Former president Obama’s signature shows that he is a complete optimist. He is cautious until he feels comfortable in any undertaking. Although sociable, Obama is a person that enjoys his own company.

“He is quick thinker who can obtain a great deal from surface knowledge – he doesn’t need to have every detail to make a decision and can think on his feet.”

Describing Obama as “highly ambitious” who “doesn’t take no for an answer”, she adds:

“Obama is an extremely tenacious individual who holds tight to his beliefs.”

East has also analysed former first lady Michelle Obama’s handwriting.

“Michelle’s writing tells us what you see is what you get. No hidden agenda. She is a builder who accumulates all her facts before acting on them.

“She is loyal and a good confidante. A generous spirit who is flexible and can roll with the punches.

“Michelle has a skilful mind and multi-tasking comes easy.”

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