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Magic moments

IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC: Jasmine and Dynamo

MOST PEOPLE say they don’t have any regrets. I think that’s crap. We all have regrets and I’m grown enough to state mine. Many moons ago whilst I was at MTV, magician Dynamo and his manager met with me to try and get a TV show. I had always admired his skill and well-mannered attitude but wasn’t sure I could convince my bosses or myself that a magician on a music channel would be relevant. I now regret that I didn’t fight harder to make it happen.

Of course being a winner, Dynamo persevered with his always loyal and quietly strong manger Dan and so currently they can be seen on the second series of Magician: Impossible at 9pm on Thursdays on Sky, and it’s doing pretty well. Dynamo recently sat down with me to reminisce and smile at his achievements thus far. I remember seeing dynamo pop up on music acts tours whilst I was filming shows like MTV Diary and Making the video and he nods as he admits;

“I’ve performed magic to quite a lot of people over the years, from royalty like Prince Charles, to hip-hop royalty like Jay-Z. Most recently in my series I’ve stepped away from performing for the celebrities, because I wanted to capture the essence of the real people. We went out to Rio and were performing magic in the favelas with the street kids, and half of these kids don’t even have TV. So when you perform magic their faces light up like they’ve seen the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen in their lives. For me right now, that’s what it’s about, capturing that moment of wonder.”

Dynamo always gives credit where it’s due and revealed that it was a charity that helped him when he first started out as a magician, which is why he is so charity focused.

“Without the Prince’s Trust giving me money I wouldn’t have been able to get a camcorder or a laptop to start filming all my videos. My things never would have been on YouTube or on the TV show, for me, the Prince’s Trust started it all and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

No chat with this young star would be complete without him mentioning his greatest role model, his grandfather.

“My grandpa was a legend in my life and still is. He passed away earlier on in the year and it was a sad time but I will celebrate his life every year now. Without him I probably wouldn’t be a magician, wouldn’t have the confidence in myself to keep pursuing this crazy career, so I was lucky to have grandpa.”

Dynamo himself grew up without his father and admitted that not having a dad meant he had to be more mature from an earlier age.

“I only really had my grandpa as a male role model; I didn’t fully understand what I’ve missed. It’s hard for me to really say what it would’ve been like to have my dad around, because he just wasn’t there. Maybe I would have had a better sense of direction, I would’ve been allowed to be a kid for a bit longer, and not have to do all things like look after my mum. So I think not having my father around stopped me from having the childhood that I probably needed’’.

On that note we agreed to cherish the positive people in our lives and let them know before its too late what they have meant to us! YOLO!



LOCKED UP: London 360 reported have made a prison special

MY REPORTERS at London360 are currently finishing of an all-exclusive prison special about a young offenders institute called ISIS, which rehabilitates and trains young men in prison. Many of the men interviewed are lost youngsters who simply didn’t have the best start in life, growing up in disadvantaged areas, having one parent, pr wanting to fit into gangs as they have no family at home. If we leave these young men in prison to rot away and strengthen prison gang ties we are only creating a vicious cycle that affects us all in society. At ISIS the offenders are trained in a wide variety of skills like media production, cookery, motor vehicle maintenance, DIY, plumbing, in house Samaritans, all academic subjects and more.

Once they finish their sentence they attend a resettlement program. All this leads to us having less angry, desperate men being thrown back into society and makes the community a nicer place for us all. The TV special will be on air mid October- I’ll keep you updated!

Jasmine Dotiwala is a TV producer, director and broadcast journalist. Email her at Follow her on Twitter: @jasminedotiwala

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