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Making money online: One mum's success story

SUCCESS: Janet Walker

BE PASSIONATE, be focused, be blessed – this is the mantra of Janet Walker who is a business woman with a difference, in that she makes it her business to help other people’s businesses flourish in a highly competitive world.

The modest mother-of-two is the driving force behind JWGInternational, an umbrella name for a number of successful companies she has launched online, helping business owners get discovered.

Since 2010 she has been running a black business directory for UK consumers which has stood the test of time, because Walker understands the power of using search engines; this means her website is always hitting page one of the any online search.

Bilston-born Walker, who years ago set up All Divas, her home town’s first black hair and beauty store, is able to demystify this complex online world which defeats so many of us and explain it in a crystal clear way on her website JWGInternational; where she offers blogs, tips, action plans and courses to build confidence and knowledge.

She told The Voice:

“I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in design studies and electronic media, so I worked initially as a graphic designer, then went freelance, thus becoming my own boss.

GOLDMINE: The Internet has proved a major source of income for Janet Walker

“Buy tragically, at the same time, my mum was going through breast cancer for the second time, which influenced me in setting up my first business in greetings cards for the black community. I had wanted to find a very special card for her for Mother’s Day, but when I couldn’t find anything appropriate, I decided to make something unique and personal for her. The tears of joy in her eyes as she looked at the card and read the verse said it all, so that encouraged me to launch my first online business in greetings cards.”

Sadly, her mum beloved mum Lillian Clarke, her Queen’ passed away far too early at the age of 45, but that made Walker even more determined to succeed with her new business. She said:

“This was the business that helped me to find that I had an online talent. Within six months of launching the cards business, I overtook my competitors on the first page of Google and other search engines.

"This is when I realised the power of online marketing and I hope I’ve passed on this knowledge and experience to my two boys. Knowledge is power – it opens our minds and many doors.”

The success of her online cards business, led the enterprising mother to launch the black business directory, which she named Oona after researching that names with double ‘oo’ in their names had a greater online longevity – the name Google is a prime example.

Walker commented:

“I found that there was simply no black business directory for UK consumers – 90 per cent of them were US-based. In the UK we were not showcasing any of our talents, they were all hidden.”

Janet’s latest online venture is a Facebook group ‘for Makers, Thinkers & Action Takers’ called the Creative Tree Society, where she encourages businesses to flourish online either through Facebook, Twitter, Periscope or Instagram.

For the Oona black business directory, click here.

For the Creative Tree Society, click here.

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