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Mandem on the Wall: 'Give Filmmakers support they deserve'

VIDEO PLEA: Mandem on The Wall stars (L-R) Dee Kartier, Jovian Wade and Percelle Ascott

YOUTUBE SENSATIONS Mandem on the Wall hope inspire and encourage young people to use official channels to access film and TV shows in support of filmmakers.

The trio, comprised of Jovian Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kartier, have created a special YouTube episode, which aims to highlight the large amounts of effort, skill and teamwork required to produce original film.

"We hooked up with ScreenThing (a not-for-profit trade body of the film industry set up to promote the value of copyright and creativity through education). The intention behind this was to show the Mandem characters trying to make a movie and show how much hard work goes into creating a movie," said Percelle. "This is to inspire young kids to go into this avenue and also for people to appreciate filmmaking and watch it on legitimate channels."

"We want people to appreciate filmmaking and watch it on legitimate channels. A lot of hard work goes into making a film," he added.

The special episode of the winning series showcases their own comical efforts to make a film - underestimating the hard work that goes into it and ending up in a mess. By working with ScreenThing The Mandem are aiming to inspire audiences to value original film and choose to watch film and TV via legitimate sources.

Brit School graduates Jovian, Percelle and Dee, who star in the show as Failia, Baker and Tinie first produced Mandem on the Wall in 2011, a comedy series about their daily adventures on a wall in their estate. Their YouTube success has led to the trio starring in E4 comedy show, Youngers, with the second series currently in filming.

They became a social media success with 10,000 followers on Twitter, 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and 13,000 fans on Facebook, and recently presented the MOBO awards.

Watch the video HERE

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