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Mariah Carey’s brother says she deserted HIV positive sister

HAPPIER TIMES: Mariah with her brother, Morgan

THE BROTHER of singing superstar Mariah Carey has branded her selfish and accused her of abandoning their sister Alison, who was arrested for prostitution.

In a television interview with Inside Edition, Morgan Carey, 51, said: “Mariah doesn't care about anyone other than herself.”

“And it's always been that way,” he added.

“I would hope Mariah could find it in her heart to forgive Alison for her transgressions and step up, create a trust, let’s make sure Alison’s needs are met.”

Mariah's publicist maintains she gave Alison hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, a gift Morgan isn't impressed by.

"She's given a heroin addict money in the past. Is that helpful? Let's make sure Alison's needs are met. But not in a way that she's enabled to go off and do damage to herself.”

The latest escalation in the bitter family dispute comes after Alison was released on bail after she was arrested for allegedly offering an undercover cop sexual favours.

She was released from Ulster County Jail in upstate New York after posting a $1,000 bail on Wednesday (Aug 31).

The 55-year-old was operating as a prostitute out of a hotel in Saugerties, Ulster County, in Upstate New York when she was caught, police said.

In March, Alison spoke directly to her sister in a video, asking the pop star - who is worth an estimated $510million - for financial support.

As well as struggling with HIV, the recovering drug addict was reportedly left with brain and spine injuries after a devastating home invasion attack in April 2015.

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