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Mayweather finishes McGregor in tenth round

ROPE A DOPE: Conor McGregor, left, defending Floyd Mayweather's blows (image credit: Sky Sports Boxing)

A PREDICTABLE result from a historic match, perfectly executed to keep fans on the edge of their seats until the very end; tonight's Mayweather v. McGregor saw The Money Team comfortably maintain authority over the professional boxing domain.

29-year-old Irishman Conor McGregor showed confidence and an ultimately fatal cockiness in the ring as he started powerfully, throwing long-armed jabs at his 40 year-old opponent. The MMA champ reverted to type, hammering Floyd Mayweather on the back of the head and holding him from behind countless times, resulting in referee Robert Byrd having to remind him about boxing's rules and separating the two.

Those familiar with Mayweather's style would have felt no panic as the undefeated veteran calmly defended against hyperactive McGregor in the early part of the match. The 'Notorious' maverick was visibly out of breath as early as the first round, provoking a knowing set of smiles and even laughter from the defensive Mayweather; before he swooped in to finish off his younger, heavier and taller opponent in the tenth round..

After the final bell had rung, the two exchanged respectful and jovial words, making the unconventional pairing that much more memorable.

Mayweather had been dormant for two years before squaring-up to MMA star McGregor, who had never stepped into the boxing ring before tonight.

The Money Man told interviewers that he had just completed his last fight and that he and his trainer dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr; "...had a game plan" which involved tiring McGregor out early. He also reminded crowds of his earlier assertion that 'boxing's reputation was on the line'.

A grinning McGregor acknowledged his defeat with good grace and said he would be up for competing in another boxing match should the occasion arise.

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