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Meet the Australian singer making waves in the UK

A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH: Ecca Vandal is making waves and will be touring the country as a support act in December

MELBOURNE’S GENRE-defying and electrifying force in music, Ecca Vandal, has announced the release date of her self-titled debut album alongside her new single and official video, Future Heroine.

Ecca Vandal, the album was unleashed into the world on Friday (October 20) via Island Records and to mark its release, Ecca has announced she will be supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes across the country in December, taking in London’s Brixton Academy on Friday, December 8.

Wielding a dark and primal industrial beat, Future Heroine is painted with Vandal’s incredible vocal dexterity, while harnessing her explosive energy and commanding aggression.

"Future Heroine is about the death of a relationship,” says Vandal, “where addictions win and take priority over love, health and happiness. In the video, I play the role of the persistent voice in my lover’s head, from two very opposing perspectives.”

The surreal and provocative clip depicts those two conflicting characters of Vandal’s psyche, unleashing Heaven and Hell upon her lover as he trips through a decadent, otherworldly backdrop of debauchery and excess.

The video was co-directed by Vandal and Melbourne-based filmmaker/cinematographer Amy Dellar of Indoor Fountains.

“I was really proud that the extended crew we put together was predominantly female,” says Vandal.

“So far, I’ve only been on film sets where men dominate, so it was very exciting to see women ruling! I reckon every aspect of the process becomes sweeter when the team happens to be spearheaded by females.

“I met a range of new creatives, mainly those we scouted for on Instagram, and it was a privilege to collaborate with all of them. One of my favourite things in life would be meeting and connecting with other like-minded creatives.

“When things click, a special bond forms and the collaboration becomes super powerful.”


To keep up with Ecca Vandal, follow her on Instagram: @eccavandal.

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