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Met make stop and search vow to Stephen Lawrence's brother

COMPLAINT: Stuart Lawrence seen here with mother, Doreen

THE METROPOLITAN police have promised to investigate claims made by the brother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence that he has been stopped and searched over 25 times both “thoroughly and speedily”.

Stuart Lawrence says he is the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment by Scotland Yard officers.

And his lawyers yesterday lodged a damaging race discrimination complaint against the Metropolitan Police Service.

The 35-year-old teacher told Mail Online that he has been repeatedly pulled over in his car for “no apparent reason and without any justification”.

Last night the Met said: “Mr Lawrence's complaint, which we received last night, is a very serious matter and it will be investigated thoroughly and speedily. 

Stop and search is an important tool to combat crime and is supported by the community if it is used professionally and fairly.”

Mr Lawrence, whose brother Stephen was killed by a racist gang in 1993, says he believes he is “targeted because of the colour of my skin”

Recalling an incident on November 16 near the home he shares with his fiancée and two-year-old son in Peckham, south London, he says that he in his VW Scirocco when two officers stopped him.

After asking why he had been pulled over, he says one of the officers replied that he had been 'naturally suspicious' of him.

He told the publication: “Whenever I have been stopped, I have never subsequently been charged with anything, and nothing has ever been found to be wrong with my car.”

In a statement, he added: “There can be no other reason, apart from racism, for me being stopped so often.

“If I had no road tax, no insurance, or if I was driving erratically, I would understand being pulled over. But on no occasions was that the case.”

Last month Stuart’s campaigning mother, Doreen, claimed that “race was definitely not on the Government’s agenda.”

She told The Guardian: “They have done away with the stop-and-search recording. Even before they came in, they talked about changing things, particularly on stop and search; that they would do away with the forms and they have done that."

A spokesperson for the Met said: “Officers are accountable for their actions and it is therefore essential complaints such as these are fully investigated.

The Commissioner has made it clear that he will not tolerate any form of racism in the MPS. Strong action will be taken against any individuals in the MPS if they are found to have acted in a racist manner.”

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