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Michael Vick: “Kaepernick Should Cut Afro To Appeal To NFL"

DISAGREEMENT: Michael Vick and Coline Kaepernick

MICHAEL VICK has come under fire after he said that Colin Kaepernick should get a haircut in order to appeal to NFL teams.

The former Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said that Kaepernick should embrace a “clean-cut” style and look more “presentable” if he wants to play in the NFL next year, getting rid of his Afro or cornrows.

“The reason he’s not playing has nothing to do with the national anthem, it’s more solely on his play,” Vick said during an appearance on Fox Sports 1’s Speak for Yourself. “But yeah, everything takes precedent, in terms of image, perception.”

Kaepernick, who led San Francisco to Super Bowl XLVII before the league caught up to his running-and-passing style, opted out of his contract with the Niners in March but has remained unsigned, having garnered little interest from teams around the league.

A number of NFL players, including the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, believe he is being blackballed by NFL teams for his political protest last season.

Since Vick's comments, Kaepernick responded with an Instagram post, referring to Stockholm syndrome.

Colin Kaepernick Instagram

Kapernick’s simple response reminds us of Vick’s 2007 scandal for illegal dog fighting. After pleading guilty to charges of animal cruelty, the then 21-year-old was slammed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and faced a slew of public criticism from the media, football fans and animal activists. He also served 18 months for the crime.

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